All of our window cling material is made in the USA. We are very proud of this. Not all of our competitors can say this.

Something else we’re very proud of is the fact that our window clings are not printed. They are solid colors. This gives them longer life and longer durability.

Colors available include Black, Blue, White, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Yellow.

All window clings will work on glass and similar surfaces.

We have tested these on the interior of car windows with great success, however your mileage may vary.

Our studio is in Southern New York so the sun isn’t as harsh here as it is in Florida. While they may adhere to interior car windows,¬†they will most certainly fade after a while, but if you want something you can move around with no adhesives these are ideal.

For home window/mirror use they should last indefinitely.

We can make window clings on sheets from 9×12 inches all the way up to 36×24.

Don’t see a design you want? We can make it. Just ask! Nearly all of our designs can be made into window clings.