We get lot of questions about how to size lettering for signs and displays. Here’s some info on how to determine that.

Letter Height Inches Distance for Best Impact (Feet) Max Readable Distance (Feet)
3 30 100
4 40 150
6 60 200
8 80 350
9 90 400
10 100 450
12 120 525
15 150 630
18 180 750
24 240 1000
30 300 1250
36 360 1500
42 420 1750
48 480 2000
54 540 2250
60 600 2500

The font that you use can impact the visibility of your text.

Very thin fonts and script fonts can decrease visibility.

When choosing fonts, you should select a bold style that is easy to read and has sufficient spacing between letters (aka kerning), however if your lettering/letters are individual (meaning each letter is by itself instead of pre-laid out you can control this yourself. We can also adjust the kerning for designs that are all one piece if needed.

You can test all this out by typing your message in to a word processor using different font styles, colors, and sizes. By printing the document out and posting it against a wall you can stand back and view the message at different distances to see how font choice affects the visibility for your sign.

Our window cling material is perfect for retail window signs because they’re reusable and you don’t have to reorder the letters each time you want to change your message.