Here are our policies and guidelines on sales, custom work, returns, shipping and more. We like to be flexible so these are just guidelines, not rigid laws.

Our ultimate goal is to see our customers happy!

Remember- we can’t help you with an order if you don’t contact us! Just because your order may have been very little in terms of dollars, we care about each and every customer and their order!

General Sales

We sell through large venues like Amazon Due to the amount of maintenance for these sales channels/sites we don’t sell our entire product/design catalog on every site. Generally our most popular items are listed on all sites but if you can’t find something fear not! Let us know and we’ll get you what you need.

Custom Work

If you want it we’ll try to make it. Just ask. We don’t charge for design and setup services. We only charge for materials used and postage. Send us an email with information about what you’re looking for, a picture example helps a lot, the color and size you’re interested in and we’ll send you a quote.

Returns, Refunds, Product Issues and Shipping

If you receive one of our products and it’s damaged or isn’t what you ordered please let us know. We’ll send you a new one at our expense (then we’ll beat the person who goofed or go after the USPS for damaging the package).

If you tried to apply the decal to something and it just went all pear shaped we’ll try to help you out, some times a decal can be saved. If you goofed up the application of the decal fear not. We’ll give you a second chance and send you another, contact us before leaving a bad review! We just ask that you cover the postage costs.

Keep in mind there are things that our decals (well, no decal really) just won’t stick to- like iPhone/Gorilla glass or treated surfaces like a window that has Rain-X on it. Follow the directions we provide and you should have a good decal application experience!

Decals are flat and weigh almost nothing. We use USPS First Class Package/Parcel and USPS Priority/Express/Expedited (both with tracking). This keeps shipping costs as low as possible and lets everyone see the delivery progress.

The only downer in this policy is that we cannot refund shipping costs.

The main exception for this is in cases where we goofed up and sent the wrong thing.

The post office doesn’t refund postage for non-delivery, bad addresses, non-forward-able addresses or delivery refusal (aka return to sender) so everyone loses when that happens.

It pays to provide us accurate shipping info when you place your order.

Additionally if we send your item and you decide you don’t want it, you can send it back for a refund but the refund will only be for the price of the decal. When you return items we ask that you contact us first so that we know to expect the item back and so that we can ensure that a refund is given quickly.

Pricing Differences

You’ll find some items on our Amazon store that appear more expensive when fulfilled by Amazon (Amazon Prime items, aka FBA) as opposed to fulfilled by us. This price difference allows you the option to use Amazon Prime’s shipping options instead of our USPS services. Amazon charges us a ton to use their FBA services and that charge is often more than the decal costs, but sometimes convenience is worth it. We like to give you a choice and be honest about it.

Also you may see pricing differences for our items on different sites/venues. This is due to the different costs of selling on the respective site/venue.

Priority/Rush Orders

If you have an order that you need rushed let us know ahead of time. We can also sell the items directly to you and ship them any method you like.

Note also that if you need a rush order made from Amazon or any of our other venues send us a message as soon as you place your order so we know to rush it.