Frequently Asked Questions
(or ones you didn’t think you’d ask)

  • Why are all the gallery images in black and white?
    • Since our designs can be cut in any color, the best way to showcase their details is with the best contrast possible- black and white.
    • Your decal could be black or any of our colors!
  • Are your materials really all made in the USA?
    • Absolutely. We generally work with only three manufacturers and they have assured us that the materials are made right here in the USA.
  • Do you really make all of the decals yourself?
    • Absolutely. We do not outsource any of our manufacturing to anyone. This is the only way we can guarantee quality from start to finish.
  • Where else can I get your decals?
    • There are only a few places that we sell our decals:
      • Amazon
      • Big Apple Decals
    • Anyone else selling our decals is not authorized to do so and we do not recommend you purchase from them.
    • The only situation where you won’t see our name on our decals is if we do commissioned work for a 3rd party. In those cases you won’t know we made them and they won’t be sold under our name.
  • Will you make a single decal just for me?
  • What’s with the top banner photos?
    • One of Jeff’s side hobbies is photography. He uses a combination of tools and methods to do landscape, astronomical and other types of imagery that create these wonderful views.