Butterfly Design Catalog

This is a collection showcasing many of our butterfly designs. These are some of the most detailed designs available as decals. We can make them for indoor or outdoor use in almost any of our materials.

While you can’t purchase them directly from our site you can purchase the most popular ones from our Amazon or Etsy stores and from Big Apple Decals (our retail arm). If you can’t find the one you want on Amazon or Etsy you can request a custom item from our Etsy shop or Big Apple Decals. Etsy will allow you to generate a custom order request and we can make the design to your specification – just let us know the design name (in the graphic) and the largest dimension plus the color you want and we’ll price it out and make it just for you. We can even make changes to the design to fit your needs.

We do not charge extra to make a decal the way you want it. This is one way we keep our costs down – we manufacture many of our items only when ordered. This ensures you get a fresh decal every time!

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